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Brexit – will it lead us into an economic abyss?

The past few months have seen the wailing and gnashing of teeth by those who voted Remain, reach some sort of crescendo. James Chapman, former Daily Mail political editor, director of communications for George Osborne and then Chief of Staff … Continue reading

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What is “conservation” and who is it for?

Definitions Even before the referendum, it was becoming clear that all sorts of conservation NGOs and hangers-on were exercised over the possibility of Brexit and what the implications would be. Now that our exit is confirmed, those same worthies have … Continue reading

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Is Theresa May an ‘Unelected’ Prime Minister?

This morning, Jolyon Maugham QC tweeted the following: Encapsulated within less than 140 characters, Jo seems to have raised two or three issues all at once. But the thing which caught my eye was his use of the phrase ‘Unelected … Continue reading

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The impact of upland farming – Part 4 of 4: Definitions and conclusions.

In many ways, George Monbiot’s book Feral, is a curious amalgam of anecdote, ecological theory, polemic and autobiography. On two or three occasions, he seems to feel intimately and mystically connected to events (as he envisages them) in the distant geological past. … Continue reading

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The impact of upland farming – Part 3a: A short walk upon Bodmin Moor.

Yesterday, in a spirit of inquiry, I set off early to Camelford and then to the north side of Bodmin Moor. My aim was to walk up to the top of Rough Tor, which is just to the north of … Continue reading

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The impact of upland farming – Part 3 of 4: Ecology of the uplands in transition.

In his book Feral [1], George Monbiot outlines his ideas for the environmental transformation of the British uplands – from open sheep grazed pastures to wooded hillsides. He argues that this will considerably enhance biodiversity. Furthermore, that the release of large predators … Continue reading

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The impact of upland farming: Part 2 of 4 – The invisible strands of culture.

Culture is usually defined in terms of a higher understanding of the arts and other intellectual achievements – anything from opera at Glyndebourne to Morris Dancing and  the Helston Floral Dance. But in this post, I use the term as … Continue reading

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