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Is Theresa May an ‘Unelected’ Prime Minister?

This morning, Jolyon Maugham QC tweeted the following: Encapsulated within less than 140 characters, Jo seems to have raised two or three issues all at once. But the thing which caught my eye was his use of the phrase ‘Unelected … Continue reading

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Populism, the Hate/Victim dialectic and why the Left need to insult us.

Even the BBC are at it now. Populism is the new racism. It is the new buzzword. Everything we don’t like is now ‘populist’. David Cameron is blaming his own political demise on populism and everyone else thinks its just … Continue reading

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Richmond by-election: Why the Liberal Democrats should be worried.

It’s very sad that Zac Goldsmith – a very good and honourable MP – has lost ¬†his seat in the Richmond Park by-election. He always said that he would resign from the Conservatives if they decided to build the third … Continue reading

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There is no Plan! Where is the Plan?

One of the more persistent memes since the referendum has been the regular claim that the government has no plan as to how it intends to negotiate our exit from the EU. We are now five months after the referendum … Continue reading

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Is Nigel Farage racist?

On Thursday morning, Jolyon Maugham QC accused the leaders of the Brexit campaign of racism in a tweet to Tim Montgomerie. When I challenged him to name those whom he¬†thought were racist, he responded specifically by naming Nigel Farage. The … Continue reading

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